Elanco-Canine-with-colour-ear-TJoanna Culley is a professional scientific artist specialising in scientific and anatomical drawings and paintings. The aim to beautifully capture all subjects and with anatomical precision. Achieved by research and study of each subject prior to sketching bespoke drawings for each client.

Her style is highly accurate and detailed, an unembellished depiction of nature as it is. The realism method of her art rejects imaginative idealisation in favour of close scientific observation using skilled draftmanship painting in both traditional and digital media.

Joanna works full time as a scientific artist, whilst also operating an art studio offering a range of skills from animation  to 3D realism product device creation.

Subjects range from animal anatomy to human anatomy. From plants, to insects to microscopic life. Re creating all
natural world subjects and life forms in acute detail putting it down on paper as colour, line, or pencil art or digital media.


The scientifically informed anatomical drawings and paintings are achieved through sketching directly from cased specimens, a particular source found at The Royal Veterinary College, London.

The studio also has a large library of reference material already, all supporting the anatomy training Joanna has received by her gaining the necessary qualifications to become an accredited medical and scientific artist.

Joanna also uses her own notes and sketches from the field, taking her own photographic reference and along with possessing the creative design skills to bring it all together completing as a professional scientific piece for any commission.



The purpose of scientific illustrations are to supplement a body of scientific information, they are also used frequently for publishing and science text books and to independently convey a scientific message for educational purposes and for educational websites. The artwork is also used by veterinary pharmaceutical industries to promote a veterinary product from ear mite infection to health foods. Work also appears in animal anatomical text books.

Our Philosophy

Is that we are about helping you communicate your scientific and medical data in the most visually effective way through beautiful art.

Through giving you a high quality project experience and end result. The scientific drawings and paintings are created by researching the subject and providing preliminary pencil sketches, which are therefore are unique to you, your project and importantly your communications or publications.


Is an independent scientific illustration business. Joanna and her team offer a very quality focused, personal and high specification service to clients across the world. With Joanna as the lead scientific artist, all scientific and anatomical illustration work is completed by experienced professional illustrators and ranges from producing art for book publications, health and pet related industries, scientific publications and across a range of medical and anatomical industries.

Our Professional Training

Joanna-Culley-profile2Joanna’s professional background is she graduated in art in Natural History Illustration from Bournemouth and Poole College followed by an honours degree in Scientific and Medical Illustration, from Middlesex University, London in 1995. Further study specifically within anatomy and physiology at post graduate level led to a professional membership of the Medical Artists’ Association Great Britain.

Having been through the rigorous training in art and anatomy by surgeons and physicians at the Royal College of Surgeons of England from the Medical Artists’ Education Trust of Great Britain, Joanna has become a UK accredited Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner. This means Joanna has been taught anatomy with dissected cadavers.

Today, with access to cased specimens of both animal anatomy and human anatomy means all work is created through research with an in depth knowledge and are often sketched from direct observation. Resulting in beautifully detailed and highly accurate scientific art work.

Professional Memberships

The Graphic Artists Guild

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

The Association of Medical Illustrators 

The Institute of Medical Illustrators

The Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain

Accreditation of Medical Illustration Practitioners (CAMIP)


Email: joanna@scientific-artist.com

Studio Tel: +44 (0) 0203 287 7202.

Mobile Tel: +44 (0) 7850 055 297