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Working for the science, publishing and biomedical industries

About the Artist

I am a qualified scientific and medical artist with training to post graduate level in art including the study of animal and human anatomy. As a versatile artist I offer a variety of mediums and artistic styles including detailed realism illustrations to cartoon drawings.

The Art I Create

The art I create can be highly detailed as precise anatomical illustration, moving to cartoon style art for card designs. Usually it involves science as my source of inspiration which I then use to complete into accurate, engaging, fun or educational style visuals.

The Art I Supply

I supply illustrations inspired by science, nature and anatomy. With a fully equipped studio and with desktop publishing software, I can illustrate and design projects from scratch ranging from scientific and anatomy posters to highlighting environmental issues.

Art For Your Needs

Art for your needs means supplying you with customised, individual illustrations that will bring engagement, realism or humour that inject personality and character into projects. Supplied as paintings, drawings, prints,  characters to book illustrations.

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