Animal Illustration

My aim is to create illustrations of animals that are true to their anatomy, appearance and character. First, I will spend the time researching the subjects I am going to be drawing, I study the anatomy as well so that what I draw on the surface is reflective of what is underneath.

Illustrations for Education

The types of clients who require this type of artwork are those looking for accurate illustrations that are suitable to be used within educational or instructional publications, and the subject matter can range from anything as small as a tiny insect to producing a painting of elephants roaming the plains of Africa. For each project a scientific artist such as myself will follow a formula, mine starts with study and learning and educating oneself on the subject, then producing sketches and only then finally producing the final artwork in order to make sure any animal can be painted or illustrated accurately. The project brief may include the need to paint the animal in its correct environment or to have it displaying the correct behaviours. To see examples of animals in their environment you can view on this gallery page here. By following this process it allows me to produce a huge range of animal illustrations and if you are a customer looking for this type of scientifically accurate animal illustration then please feel free to drop me a line to discuss.

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