Quid: The Biology Students Self Test Colouring Book

Project Details

April 2016

The project brief was to provide illustrations in a line work technique that were suitable for readers to complete them using their own colours. With tis on mind, each drawing’s content was created to provide realistic and accurate views of a huge selection of biological structures that could accompany the text to form an enjoyable, useful and creative learning experience. The purpose was to supply these illustrations for a book called The Biology Students Self Test Colouring Book. The final book contained more than 200 line drawings with easy follow text. The final illustrations were created in this way to allow participants to learn by studying and colouring in the parts of the illustrations, a proven technique to improve recall and helping those in the pursuit of learning biology. The book is available to buy online and can be found by searching for it by the name and title.

Client Details

The Biology Students Self Test Colouring Book is another title of the Student’s Self Test Colouring Book aimed to improve memory, recall and learning of biology subject matter. The purpose of the book to give readers the physical task of colouring in the illustrations to help imprint the shape and location of structures as part of aiding the learning process. It’s a resource for students and practitioners requiring detailed biological knowledge or for anyone wishing to improve their understanding of biology in general.