Health and Science Illustration

Health and Science is an ever evolving and developing area, with amazing advances in technology, medical treatments, physiotherapy, the increasing use of Ai learning, drug therapies, prosthetics, the list is endless.

I work with these industries providing illustrations and graphics that help inform and educate from the academic to the layperson. The goal is always the same which is to provide engaging visuals ready to use within an academic paper, for a poster displayed on aN NHS wall, to medical illustrations within patient consent forms. Each customer has different ambitions and as an artist I work to convey the ideas into visualisations.

My recent projects for health and science has been the creation of anatomy posters covering foetal development, the skeleton and muscle anatomy, pregnancy and birth, embryo and foetal development, and the knee joint. This project involved creating the individual illustrations and designing them into charts for wall displays. These are used within doctors surgeries, waiting rooms, chiropractors, hospitals and dental surgeries.

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