Scientific Illustration Gallery

The Artists Goal

As a scientific artist the goal is to create the illustrations as drawn from scratch drafts that are aligned with the clients brief. My favourite way to do this is to use pencil to create sketches that are tailored to each project and importantly that include all the anatomical and medical information, that is aimed to a target audience for example older or younger generation, AND the needs as outlined in the brief to ensure the illustrations are going to meet the individual project requirements. It’s usual with drawing scientific subjects to continually carry out background research as well to make sure the subject matter is well understood.

My pencil sketches are produced as normal using pencil on paper. The pencil sketches are scanned so that they can be saved as a jpeg ready to send to clients for review. Once the client has commented and approved, these sketches are used as the basis for the colour work. 

Completed Scientific Illustrations

All of the work you see on these galleries has been created for clients and I follow this same tried and tested process. The final style of art I produce can be varied to suit an individual project, from high end realism to cartoon style art.

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