The Body Worlds Exhibition

  • July 2 2021

If you are into anatomy, have a fascination with the human body or simply the curious type, this exhibition is right up anybody’s street. Once we are free to the Covid travel restrictions then a visit to the Body Worlds plastinated humans is well worth a visit. There is a permanent display in London, Piccadilly Circus. The exhibition includes videos, animations, games and anatomy that was perfectly dissected with wonderful audio explanations.

As you enter you are offered a choice of taking an audio kit with you, so take the headset. Beautiful narration guides you through as you are led through a fully immersive experience learning brand new things that even an experienced anatomist would find new and wonderful.

I went with a particular purpose in mind, the gather material for my PhD and I did not come away disappointed. I also learnt there are evenings just for artists. Who are invited to attend to draw the specimens first hand. Needless to say I shall be going to those. If you want to attend the drawing classes you have to keep checking the Body Worlds website for details.